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Every Child Deserves an Education

Support Starchild's Mission: The Gift of Education 

At Starchild, we believe that every child deserves an education and the opportunity to realise their dreams. In Uganda, however, many children face significant barriers to accessing education. Starchild has been dedicated to supporting The Mango Tree School in Jinja since its early days, helping numerous children overcome hardships to complete their primary and secondary education.

Despite these achievements, many children who dream of continuing to secondary school are hindered by financial constraints. Without support, they face bleak futures—some may be forced into early marriages or even prostitution, and most will have little hope of achieving their aspirations.

Sponsor a Child, Change a Life

As a small, dedicated charity, we know these children personally and sponsor students each year who are eager to continue their education. Sponsoring a child is not only life-changing for the student but also deeply rewarding for the sponsor.

For as little as £10 a week, £30 a month, or £350 a year, you can provide a child with the education they deserve, opening doors to a brighter future. As a sponsor, you will have the unique opportunity to build a personal connection with your sponsored child through letters and photographs, following their journey and celebrating their successes.

How You Can Help


  • Sponsor a Child’s Education: Become the sole sponsor for a child’s secondary education and make a profound impact on their life.

  • Contribute to Our Scholarship Program: If a full sponsorship is too large a commitment, any contribution to our scholarship fund helps support these children's educational dreams.

Why Choose Starchild?

We may not be a large charity, but we are committed to ensuring that every penny you donate goes directly towards paying school fees. Our approach is personal and transparent:

  • Direct Impact: Your sponsorship funds go straight to the child's education.

  • Regular Updates: Receive annual updates about your sponsored child’s progress via email or WhatsApp.

  • Personal Connection: Communicate directly with Michaela for any questions or concerns by emailing

Join us in making a difference. Sponsor a child's education today and witness the transformative impact your support can have on a child's life. Thank you for helping us give every child the chance to achieve their dreams through education.

2024 - Pupils from s6 & s5

We are so proud of them. Look how far they have come


2018 Our first P7 Graduates to secondary school


2019 Our second P7 Graduates to secondary School

Because we are a smaller charity, we know the children you will be supporting personally and the difference your sponsorship will make.

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