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Every Child Deserves an Education

Starchild believes that every child deserves an Education. Sadly for many in Uganda, this has not been possible. Starchild has supported The Mango Tree School in Jinja for the past five years. Despite the hardships these children have had to face, they have completed primary education. Many of these children’s only wish is to move onto Secondary School. However, without financial support or a sponsor, they will not be able to continue their education. Many will be forced to marry young and some may even be forced into prostitution. Most will have little or no hope of attaining their dreams. Every child deserves to have their dreams and an education.

Approximately 10-12 children each year move to secondary. We make sure that no child in a P7 class is left behind. As a small charity, we know these children. Each year we plan to sponsor a classroom of students wishing to attend secondary school.

Sponsoring a child is life-changing for them. It is also extremely rewarding for the sponsor. For as little as, £5 a week, £20 a month or £250 a year, you can put a child through school and offer them a brighter future. As their only sponsor, you can develop a relationship with them as you follow their journey with letters and photographs.

Sponsor a child’s education today and see the difference it makes to a child’s life. If you feel this is too big a commitment, you can always contribute what you can to our scholarship program.

We are not a large charity and therefore do not have the resources to send out fancy welcome packs. We can, however, guarantee that your money goes directly to pay the child’s school fees. You will receive email updates on your child each year, or if you prefer snail mail we can do that also. If you have any questions you can talk to Michaela directly by emailing her at 


2018 Our first P7 Graduates to secondary school


2019 Our second P7 Graduates to secondary School

Because we are a smaller charity, we know the children you will be supporting personally and the difference your sponsorship will make.

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