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Starchild’s dream has been to build a santuary for families and children affected by autism. The stigmas and myths that surround disabilities in Uganda are frankly horrendous with many being locked up, chained up, ridiculed, raped and abused. In many communities, they believe them to be cursed by the devil and the mother also.  With the best will in the world, inclusion is not possible for most of these children at our school. It has, therefore, become apparent that we need to provide a holistic centre where these children and families can feel safe and supported. Where they can work together in their struggle to bring about a much-needed change in their culture, grow and develop skills and find love, acceptance and hope.

Starchild has recently been gifted land on the banks of the Nile in Jinja where we plan to build this sanctuary in memory of our beloved Rony Bridges.

Please watch our video to see the difference we are making with this project already!

Sunflower Sanctuary Latest News

As the colder nights creep in, Starchild has been reflecting on just how far we have come this year. It was another busy season for Starchild. As you can see The Sunflower Sanctuary reached new heights!


Sunflower Sanctuary

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