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Pounds for Posho


Starchild helps to support a feeding program at the Mango Tree School in Jinja which aims to give as many vulnerable children as possible a meal a day of ‘Posho', a staple in Uganda. Similar to porridge, but made from maize and water. Posho is often the only meal a child will receive in a day. It is mostly served at schools in a small plastic jug or bowl and can sometimes be the sole motivator for children to attend. Beefcake Café is the ­first establishment to sign up for Starchild’s Pounds for Posho feeding program to help give vulnerable children in Uganda a meal a day. It is hoped that other restaurants and café’s may join this campaign.

'Beefcake plans to help sponsor this program by aiming to feed as many children as possible. A pound feeds about 25 children. Knowing that our wee café in Glasgow can help to feed children in Africa is very humbling. It also makes my children realise how lucky they are ' Catriona Savage Owner of Beefcake Café.

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