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Mama Wa Mit Women’s Project

Starchild has supported this project for the last five years by empowering local marginalised and vulnerable women to become self-sufficient and responsible for the development of the projects ongoing sustainability. Starchild encourages the women to be participants, be innovative and be responsible in developing business ideas on activities that can help transform their lives.  The many aspects to this project; animal husbandry, poultry scheme, horticulture and tailoring have increased the economic empowerment of the participants which has in turn created effective positive outcomes to enhance their lives and that of their families.   In Africa, the feeding of any family is largely determined by the women. It is therefore important that our members are equipped with the knowledge and skills of how to make their families food secure. This requires them to adopt a balance between the food needs of their families as well as the financial needs of their families since agriculture provides the major source of income.

As well as providing crops, chickens, pigs and a cow, two treadle sewing machines and an ongoing supply of fabrics and threads which have been donated by TWAM and Remnant Kings, in the UK . This has enabled these women to learn a trade. These ladies now make school uniforms as another source of income.

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