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Making the Future Bright

Making Future Fashion Designers, Musicians and Artists of Uganda

Sewing machines, musical instruments and art supplies were shipped to our school and women’s project. These were donated by various individuals and TWAM ( Tools with A Mission)

Fabric and Art supplies have been given so the children can learn the creative arts. Our deepest thanks to Remnant Kings, Impact Arts and TWAM for all their incredible support.

Creative art Sponsors




Art Therapy Initiative: Empowering Ugandan Children Through Creativity

In a wonderful collaboration between Netherlee Parish Church and Claash Collective, Helen MacVey, an art specialist, has been pioneering the introduction of art therapy to schools and community centres in Glasgow. Working alongside local craft groups such as Stables Studios at Cassiltoun Housing Association and Whiteinch Crafters at Whiteinch Centre, Helen has extended this initiative to benefit children in Uganda.

Creating Art Packs for Ugandan Children

Dedicated craft groups from community centres and schools across Glasgow came together to create art packs for Ugandan children. These packs, each containing crayons, pens, paint trays, paints, paint brushes, sketchbooks, rulers, felt, wool, and craft scissors, were carefully assembled and packed into backpacks adorned with the Starchild logo.

Additional supplies were generously donated by Netherlee Parish Church, their Craft Group, and through the support of an international artistic network, including IMPACT Arts. Supporters were encouraged to contribute by making their own bags filled with art supplies or by donating £5 through Starchild’s Christmas campaign.

Art Therapy Workshops in Uganda

During her visit to Uganda, Helen MacVey conducted workshops introducing the concept of art therapy to teachers and students. These workshops provided a platform for individuals to explore their creativity, express their emotions, and find solace through art.

Ongoing Commitment to the Arts

Starchild is committed to providing continuing access to the arts through various ongoing projects and outreach programs. Our sponsorship for these arts initiatives has been bolstered by contributions from Art for Africa - McTears Auctioneers, the Rock Choir - Glasgow Southside, and Soroptimist International .


Get Involved

Join us in supporting this transformative initiative. Your involvement can make a

significant impact:

  • Donate Art Supplies: Contribute materials to help us continue providing art packs.

  • Monetary Donations: Support our ongoing projects with a financial contribution.

  • Volunteer: Assist in assembling art packs or participate in outreach programs.

Through art, we aim to foster creativity, healing, and hope among children in Uganda. Thank you for supporting our mission to enrich lives through the power of creativity and compassion.

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