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Happy New Year to you all and may it be a better one for us all.

Starchild has been quietly working away, helping to make small, but significant changes in the lives of the most vulnerable in Uganda. Last year was particularly challenging and turbulent for us all. However, Uganda has not only been dealing with the horrendous impact of Covid-19 and the challenges it has brought to the lives of the most vulnerable, but they have also been dealing with election strife. The elections which took place on January 14th caused a deep internal divide, conflict, loss of life and much violence. Despite the threat of these tense situations, Starchild managed to offer some help and support to the children and their families from a distance. Through Social Media forms of communication and on the ground friends of Starchild in Uganda, we were able to distribute much-needed food supplies and some home-schooling materials.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to navigate new territory as a charity. It has been a struggle for us as you can image, especially since we have not been able to hold any fundraisers this year or visit our projects in Uganda. However, despite school closures on and off throughout the year, with your continued support, and commitment to Starchild, we have been able to keep an eye on the children we support, their families and our School for Creative Arts.

This year’s Christmas Campaign meant we could distribute much-needed food supplies the disabled and autistic community we support. It also meant we could buy some homeschooling materials for our students.

In this newsletter, we thought we would let the images and videos speak for themselves.


Deep thanks from the disabled and autistic community we support.

Images of families receiving food.

Videos of thanks from the Students from the Gift of Education Sponsorship Program.


Videos from Starchild School for Creative Arts


We do hope you enjoy the videos and photos as much as we did.

Humble thanks to each and every single one of you for continued support of Starchild.

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