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The Kiltwalk is a unique Scottish Charity Event!

Each year thousands of walkers of all ages and abilities come together for an unforgettable day out and change lives. The Kiltwalk event is a powerful fundraising platform for our charity.

It would mean so much to Starchild if you were one of those inspired walkers and became a Starchild Kiltie.

Thanks to the Tom Hunter Foundation an incredible 150% of every penny raised goes to your selected Charity. This year, we hope you will consider Starchild.


Next Steps...

Want to Join the Starchild Kilties and walk for us?

You can choose between three walk lengths ( 6, 15, or 26 miles) in four cities

  • Glasgow Sunday April 26th

  • Aberdeen Sunday 7th June

  • Dundee Sunday 16th August

  • Edinburgh Sunday 13th September


Meet our Kiltie Captain Cormac O'Hara

Starchild's Young Ambassador

Cormac has autism and epilepsy and has overcome much adversity in his life. He is a national running champion and is spotlighted for the Paralympics! We are lucky to have Cormac lead us all at the Kiltwalk!

Watch Cormac in action here

Stories from some of our Kilties 

Lynn Campbell our very first Starchild KIltie

"I walked for Starchild because I knew Frankie and went to school with him. I felt he was with me all the way! As I saw the last signpost for 5K, I was struggling, but then I realised that is how far a child in Uganda walks for water EVERYDAY! That helped me to make it over the finish line. Then, when I was just about to cross the finish line, I saw Warren McIntyre, who was one of Frankie's best friends! He was organising the music at the Kiltwalk; Warren helped me across that finish line. It felt amazing!! It was like Frankie was right there with me. That's why I am doing it again this year. I hope you'll join me; I can't wait!!" Lynn


Robbie Crossan

"For years I’ve wanted to do something different for charity other than attending a convention or just donating. So on April 2018 took part in the Glasgow Kiltwalk. I didn’t have a charity of choice until I met Rony Bridges at a sci-fi convention. We got talking, and the conversation came up about Starchild and the history behind it. The more Rony told me about it, the more I realised Starchild was more than a charity, it was a family.  A few weeks later I contacted Rony and offered to do the Kiltwalk in honour of Frankie’s memory and raise money for the charity dedicated to his memory. From then I felt I wanted to do more. So I have been attending fundraising events, and this April will once again be doing the Kiltwalk on behalf of Starchild In Memory of Frankie Marsh." Robbie

kilt-walk-2-300x201 (1).jpg

Watch our very own Kilties in Uganda

The Kiltwalk for Water in Uganda!

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