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CSS for Autism Williamwood High

We See The World Differently

This film was produced by Starchild Charity in collaboration with the Communication Support Service at Williamwood High School. The purpose of this project is to breakdown stigmas and myths regarding autism and shed light on the positive outcomes of living with a learning disability as well as encourage inclusivity, acceptance, and promote the importance of education for all children.

Written, directed, and shot by Réka Keresztes and Rebeka Luzaityte.

Starchild's first film was a finalist in the Scottish Short Film Festival awards! The film is about autism and featured pupils, families and teachers from the Communication Support Service for autism at Williamwood High School.

Starchild has been working with the Communication Support Service for autism at Williamwood High School for nearly three years now. The CSS pupils now support a child’s education in Uganda and have been learning about Global Citizenship. We are proud to say that the pupils and staff have garnered awards for their work with Starchild.

The idea for the film came about while Michaela was visiting Uganda. Starchild built a school for Creative Arts in Uganda in memory of Michaela’s brother Frankie. However, it quickly became apparent that those with disabilities and autism were not able to utilise the school due to inherent believes that such children are cursed. Michaela said, ‘The stigmas and myth surrounding disabilities and autism in Uganda are quite horrendous.’

Starchild is trying hard to work with their own school and the local community in Uganda to help break down those myths. By producing a film with the parents, teachers and the pupils from Williamwood, Starchild hopes to prove to the people in Uganda that these children are worth investing in. Michaela said, ‘They have a right to an education and we hope this film proves that. We hope it will help the gatekeepers of education in Uganda to open the gates wider and accept diversity in schools.’

The film was written and directed by two media students from Caledonia University Reka Keresztes and Rebeka Luzaityte.

Although the film was initially produced to highlight autism in Uganda, It became apparent that there was still a lot to be done here in the UK. Starchild continues to work with the innovative group here at Williamwood. The CSS now have their own action group and work closely with Starchild on projects, here and in Uganda. It has helped to bring about awareness locally, in the school itself and with parents and teachers.

It is Starchild's hope that the film will enable us to reach further, helping many more directly affected by autism worldwide.

The Film screened at the Glasgow Film Theatre. If you are interested in viewing the film. Please contact us.

Thank you to Bob Collins Photography

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